Job: Arenas – Promotions Assistant – Los Angeles, CA


Promotions Assistant

Los Angeles, CA


Major Role

Responsible for assisting the promotions director in the day to day activities of the promotions department

Specific Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Work with all departments in brainstorming to create marketing proposals
  2. Work special assignments as assigned by promotions director or marketing director
  3. Research new outlets for promotional support in areas related to projects
  4. Maintain promotions department office organization, filing, packaging, prizing, supplies and equipment
  5. Maintain promotions storage area
  6. Assist in maintaining reports, status updates, recaps and air-checks
  7. Work with other departments to ensure promotions has all materials needed for projects
  8. Help maintain prize inventory and distribution
  9. Attend regularly scheduled meetings
  10. Attend screenings and reports back to client
  11. Maintain open communication with staff in order to best facilitate successful and productive synergy between departments
  12. Assist in needs of other departments when called upon

Other Areas of Responsibility

    • Continually look to develop and maintain media/promotional contacts

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