NHMC is at the table with key decision makers in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. to ensure that the Latino community is treated fairly and plays a large role in the future of media. NHMC works with media outlets to increase and improve portrayals of Latinos, and advocates for communications policies that will advance the Latino community in terms of 1). Increasing and protecting access to vital connections (like broadband internet and mobile/landline telephones) 2).  Promoting our inclusion in media to increase and improve Latino media portrayals, employment, and media ownership. For more information on our policy work, please see our 2017 Policy Priorities and our Policy Filings.

Responsible and Inclusive Media

Despite representing over 17 percent of the U.S. population, Latinos are underrepresented and stereotyped in Hollywood. Divisive speech from politicians and media commentators is on the rise. This encourages bigoted thoughts and actions. NHMC will vigilantly monitor hate speech and fight for policies and practices that infuse diversity into the media industry and transform the narrative about Latinos into one that is fair, accurate and multidimensional.


  • Demand accountability from media outlets and public figures that spread hate speech
  • Ensure that media companies and policymakers promote workforce diversity and Latino media ownership
  • Urge Congress to restore the Minority Tax Certificate
  • Push the FCC to collect and publish media ownership and employment data
  • Identify and break down barriers that independent programmers face in obtaining wider audience distribution

Universal and Affordable Connections

Half of all American Latinos lack home broadband. With one in four living in poverty, Latinos also struggle to maintain affordable telephone service. This dramatically impairs their employment opportunities, educational attainment and health, among other things. In addition, it creates roadblocks for future Latino creators to innovate and tell their stories in an evolving media landscape that assumes digital literacy. NHMC will support policies that drive down prices and work to improve broadband adoption programs. To ensure that Latinos have a level playing field to tell their stories, organize for change and monetize digital content, NHMC will fight to maintain the FCC’s Open Internet decision.


  • Defend the FCC’s Open Internet rules
  • Investigate whether data caps and sponsored data plans limit Latinos’ online freedom of expression
  • Push the FCC to expand the Lifeline program to provide affordable broadband service to the poor
  • Support other policies aimed to increase affordable, open and universal broadband
  • Urge competition in the television set-top box marketplace, to eliminate excessive rental fees, enable audiences to find diverse content and empower Latino programmers of all sizes to build their audiences
  • Combat consolidation that reduces competition and affordable options for consumers

Privacy in the Digital Age

The growth of digital products and services has exposed new ways in which consumers’ personal privacy could be compromised. Latinos face threats from both nefarious private interests as well as excessive government surveillance. NHMC will examine both public and private sector activities that threaten civil liberties and harmfully invade personal privacy. Not only will NHMC look to combat these practices through promoting effective policy at the federal and state levels, but it will also work to educate the Latino community about potential threats and methods in which to avoid them.


  • Ensure law enforcement body-worn camera policies are developed publically and allow for footage to be made available to the public and press
  • Inform FCC rulemaking that addresses broadband providers’ responsibilities for protecting consumer data and maintaining transparency
  • Promote the “Civil Rights Principles for the Era of Big Data”
  • Fight to end targeted online advertising of predatory lending services