More than 200 people gathered on Thursday, June 9, for the National Hispanic Media Coalition’s successful 4th Annual MediaCon at the Hilton Universal. With a robust lineup of speakers including Hollywood insiders, executives, producers and managers, the half-day conference explored the impact of Latinos on the entertainment industry as content producers and consumers and the need for continued diversity.

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In a room filled with VIP guests and attendees, the day began with a frank conversation between Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, and NHMC President/CEO Alex Nogales. The duo touched on how to succeed in Hollywood, the need for more mentorship and the powerful work Greenblatt has done to bring diversity to the small screen.

“This past year on TV was the year of Latina women,” Greenblatt said. “More and more shows are having minority characters and are based on the Latino community. The more you engage in the shows, the better it will be for the show to stay on air.” \

Greenblatt touched upon his childhood and what brought him to Hollywood, and how he has made it a mission to bring diversity to the forefront.

“We are at the moment where diverse cast and stories can become really big hits. The world has started to come alive, and we have started to see diversity. Industry leaders all woke up at the same moment and the opportunities are endless,” he said.

Following the keynote address and lunch, attendees separated into workshops that explored working with literary managers, agents, executive producers and connecting with the burgeoning Latino digital audience.

A theme emerged from the workshop speakers of encouraging writers to hustle, network and be more that just their writing.

“Be a rock star on paper and in person,” said Geoff Silverman of Cartel Management. “Show people that there is more to you and that you are a well-rounded and interesting person.”

This sentiment was repeated many times over, with speaker after speaker encouraging attendees to embrace their passion and work toward making it come to life as they have done with their own careers.

“We can share our own experience of being Americans. I wanted to help the voice that wasn’t being really heard,” said Ruth Livier, an actress/writer/producer with Livier Productions, Inc., and who starred in the groundbreaking, award-winning TV series “Resurrection Blvd.”

NHMC thanks all of its sponsors for their help in creating a magical day that celebrated Latino culture and is part of the process of making Latino stories and characters come to life.