13th Annual Local Impact Awards Luncheon

NHMC Honors Los Angeles Media Professionals
Honorees Speak About Power of Serving and Finding Your Voice


On Sept. 10, 2015, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) honored five highly esteemed and respected Latino media professionals at its 13th Annual NHMC Local Impact Awards Luncheon at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles.

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IMG_0693Thanking everyone for attending, NHMC President and CEO Alex Nogales reminded the audience that in addition to the celebration of the afternoon we need to remember that we have a responsibility to fight hate and bigotry.

“We’re doing it because there is undeniable proof that hate speech against Latinos leads to hate crimes against Latinos,” Nogales said. “On another note, next year … 1 million Latino young men and women will become eligible to vote, whether they are Democrat, Republicans or anything else. We need to encourage these young people to vote. I call on everyone here … to take an active role in influencing, encouraging and even cajoling them to do just that. Remind them that we’ll have and deserve the governance we elect into office. Can I count on you to do that?”

In an afternoon filled with moving speeches and appreciation of colleagues across all stations, the audience of more than 200 industry leaders was reminded of the importance of honoring and acknowledging the Latino and journalism community.

“I accept this award for that little brown girl sitting at home who might see me on TV and say ‘Hey that looks’ like me,” said Lynette Romero, reporter and anchor with KTLA 5 Morning News. “I accept this award for Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the two young journalists killed in Roanoke, Virginia, who will not be able to continue their careers.”

The 2015 NHMC Impact Award recipients were local talent in Los Angeles — the second largest designated market area (DMA), and largest DMA by Latino population, in the country – and were recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the region’s Latino community:

  • Daniella Guzman, NBC4 morning news anchor – Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
  • Rick Lozano, FOX 11 reporter and anchor – Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
  • Diane Medina, Vice President – Diversity Programs and Community Relations at KABC-TV – Outstanding Service and Commitment to the Latino Community
  • Alejandro Mendoza, Univision reporter – Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
  • Lynette Romero, KTLA 5 morning news reporter and anchor – Excellence in Broadcast Journalism

Each honoree spoke about their journey to the journalism profession, be it their second career choice after deciding not to pursue medicine or a strong sense of serving the community and helping others.

“Never forget the place you’ve come from,” said Alejandro Mendoza, news anchor with Univision Los Ángeles KMEX-34. “Doctors and journalists are similar because we work to serve others. We work to make lives better. Always remember that when someone tells a reporter to sit down that is our cue to stand up. That is our moment to return to the community and serve.”IMG_0344

Real 92.3 host Big Boy, FOX 11 news anchor Laura Diaz and CBS2 news anchor Rick Garcia returned as the
event’s masters of ceremonies bringing their energy and enthusiasm to the stage.

Joining NHMC at the luncheon were students from California State University, Los Angeles and Fullerton, who felt inspired by the words of wisdom from the honorees and direct interaction with the multitude of reporters, anchors and producers.

NHMC thanks Univision Communications Corporation, Inc., for sponsoring the luncheon.

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