Latinos comprise over 16% of the U.S., but only own a handful of TV and radio stations. NHMC will advocate for policies and opportunities to diversify broadcast and other media platforms, in terms of ownership, leadership and employment. It will seek greater transparency from media companies on their diversity figures. It will monitor and report on diversity efforts at ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and Comcast pursuant to Memoranda of Understanding it has with those entities. Finally, NHMC will celebrate passage of the Local Community Radio Act by educating individuals and organizations about how to apply for their own low power radio stations so that they may bring more diverse voices to their local airwaves.

Hollywood Sign Smaller
June 2, 2016

For Immediate Release: June 2, 2016 Contact: Christina DiPasquale, 202.716.1953, ICYMI: The Los Angeles Times Urges the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to Nominate 100 Diverse Influencers in Entertainment as Members […]

  • The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) protests  KFI and "The John and Ken Show"
    NHMC Files Petition to Deny KFI AM License Renewal
    November 4, 2013

    NHMC filed a petition to deny the broadcast license renewal of Clear Channel’s KFI AM 640 at the FCC. NHMC’s petition contends that KFI and Clear Channel have demonstrated a pattern of abuse using their broadcast license by airing repea ...

  • Media Diversity
    NHMC Comments On FCC’s Newly Released Media Ownership Data
    September 9, 2013

    The Commission Has Not Yet Analyzed The Impact Of Its Rules On Ownership Diversity Washington, D.C. – The National Hispanic Media Coalition (“NHMC”) yesterday filed comments concerning the Federal Communications Commissi ...

  • Spectrum Auction
    NHMC Comments On FCC’s Spectrum Auction Plan
    September 9, 2013

    In comments filed at the FCC, NHMC urged the Commission to complete its incentive auction process in a way that will maintain as much quality broadcast service for the Latino community as [...]

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    A Farewell To Lupe Ontiveros
    March 14, 2013

    [Source: The Huffington Post, Author: Alex Nogales] Lupe Ontiveros was a dear friend and it makes me incredibly sad to know that I’ll never see her again in this life. [...]