Get Connected

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¿Estás buscando empleo?  ¿Quieres que tus hijos tengan acceso a la mejor educación posible? ¿Quieres mantenerte en contacto con tus familiares? Lo que necesitas es internet de alta velocidad y hay programas de bajo costo disponibles:

  • Si vives en California: marca al 844-841-INFO / 844-841-4636
    para más información sobre cómo conectar a tu familia a los beneficios del internet de alta velocidad, o visita


If you or someone you know does not have internet at home:

  • In California: dial 844-841-INFO / 844-841-4636 for more information about connecting your family to the internet’s benefits.
  • Outside of California: visit

Why is having internet at home important?

  • Jobs are increasingly requiring the internet: More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies (including huge employers like Wal-Mart and Target) only accept job applications online. In the next decade, nearly 80% of jobs will require some digital literacy skills.

  • Students with broadband at home graduate at a rate 6-8% higher than students who lack such access.

  • Consumers with broadband at home can save up to $7,000 per year on goods and services.

  • Annual revenues of small businesses with broadband access are, on average, $200,000 higher than those without broadband.

  • Most U.S. teachers assign homework that requires Internet access: According to a 2008 survey, 77% of teachers responded that they or a colleague assigned homework that required Internet access to complete – and that number is certain to be rising.