2017 Newsletters

2017 April Newsletter

  • Alex Nogales Presents Keynote Address at Western Michigan University Fundraiser
  • Coalition Against Hate PSAs
  • NHMC Television Writers Program
  • Casting Call for the 2017 NHMC Scene Showcase
  • The NHMC Action Network is Born
  • D.C. Policy Update
  • NHMC TV Writers Program Update
  • Dear Movie Studios, Latinos Are Ready to Give You Our Money
  • NHMC Welcomes Policy Counsel, Francella Ochillo

2017 March Newsletter

  • NHMC Television Writers Program
  • NHMC’s 2017 Latino Scriptwriters Intensive Begins!
  • Casting Call for the 2017 NHMC Scene Showcase
  • D.C. Policy Update
  • Cristina Fernandez from the NHMC Latino Scene Showcase to be Featured on Powerless
  • NHMC’s Team Continues to Grow
  • NHMC Celebrates Women’s History Month
  • Farmworker Justice Annual Award Reception (DC)

2017 February Newsletter

  • 2017 NHMC Impact Awards Gala
  • Alex Nogales on “Nuestra Gente Extraordinaria” Segment on Telemundo’s Enfoque
  • NHMC TV Writers Updates
  • NHMC Welcomes Spring 2017 Univision Policy Fellow
  • Alex Nogales Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
  • D.C. Policy Update
  • NHMC is Hiring!
  • Attention TV Writers!
  • Don’t Miss Zoot Suit
  • Gloria Tristani Joins NHMC as Special Policy Advisor
  • Everybody Loves Somebody

2017 January Newsletter

  • SAVE THE DATE – NHMC’s 20th Annual Impact Awards Gala
  • 2017 Golden Globes Awards
  • 2017 Oscar Nominations
  • Writers Updates
  • One Day at a Time Premieres!
  • Cry Now Movie Premiere
  • D.C. Policy Shop Update
  • Staff Announcements
  • Latinos on Television this Spring